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Don't Toss That! Call 211 to Donate Used Goods

Posted on March 19, 2012, by United Way in Uncategorized

Spring is nearly here! It's the time of year when many garages and basements are cleaned up and cleared out. Bay Area residents who are spring cleaning are encouraged to call 211 to donate used clothing or household items to help those in need.

To donate used items, they should be clean and in good, working order. 211's Information & Referral specialists can match donated items to nonprofits that need them. Frequently donated items include furniture, clothing and appliances.donate used goods during spring cleaning

Nonprofit organizations also accept a variety of other items such as animal supplies, books, diapers, baby formula, bed linens and automobiles. Some agencies even offer pick-up service for donations.

Most nonprofits do not accept mattresses, television sets that are “pre-DTV,” old computers, and non-working electronic equipment. 211 can provide information about agencies that accept electronic waste in your area.

If you can't dial 211 from your phone, call 800-273-6222 to reach the call center.

United Way's 211 helpline connects people to food, shelter, and other vital services in addition to providing helpful information to the community. Learn more about 211 at

Photo courtesy of "donger" via Creative Commons license.

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