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Powerful New Online Tool: The Common Good Forecaster

Posted on June 2, 2009, by United Way in Uncategorized


Check out a new online tool that let's you see how critical education is to your community.

Recently, United Way of America and the American Human Development Project released the Common Good Forecaster that shows the connection between education and key economic and social measures.

The Forecaster allows you to change the education levels of a community, and then forecasts how those changes would affect society. For instance if the dropout rate of a community were cut in half, this would alter life expectancy and personal earnings, as well as obesity, poverty, voting and incarceration rates. Even education results for the next generation would improve such as children's reading proficiency rates.

The Forecaster was introduced at the national United Way Staff Leaders Conference in Detroit on May 13, and is the first of several joint projects between United Way and the American Human Development Project. While this Common Good Forecaster focuses on the impacts of changing education levels, future Common Good Forecasters will project the ripple effects caused by improving financial stability and health in the nation.

See the Common Good Forecaster in action.

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