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Vittles Served Up at SparkPoint

Posted on March 27, 2012, by United Way in Uncategorized

United Way's SparkPoint Solano Center celebrated its one-year anniversary yesterday. That's one year of helping local residents achieve economic stability through financial coaching, credit counseling, and job skills development.

The anniversary gathering was extra special because of the food. Laray Thompson and Claudia Sanchez, both SparkPoint clients, handled the catering thanks to skills they learned in SparkPoint's Specialty Food Training Program last fall. The program helps people like Laray and Claudia get the skills they need to launch their own small food business. They served wraps, Mexican food, fruit and vegetable platters, and designer cupcakes. Attendees delighted in the yummy vittles.

Laray and Claudia are both working with SparkPoint's coaches to their own separate catering businesses. SparkPoint coaches help clients focus on an idea, develop a business plan, and connect with programs to get the skills needed to be a success.

The two SparkPoint Solano Centers - one in Fairfield and one in Vallejo - served more than 200 clients in their first year, with 60% of clients taking advantage of more than one service. And, SparkPoint Solano has helped about 30 of those clients find jobs during the past year. For more information about SparkPoint, go to

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