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Thank you for running your organization’s fundraising Campaign. welcome to the team!

If you’re an experienced Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC), click here for this year’s campaign materials.

If you are new to coordinating a workplace giving campaign, we encourage you to read below to understand United Way’s role in the community and how you can organize an effective workplace campaign to help make the Bay Area a better, more economically vibrant place for us all!

Starting your workplace campaign

Watch the video on the right to learn about our mission to end Bay Area poverty.

  1. See the impact we are making in the Bay Area at large, as well as our impact in each of the eight counties in which you and your colleagues live: Alameda (PDF), Contra Costa (PDF), Marin (PDF), Napa (PDF), San Francisco (PDF), San Mateo (PDF), Santa Clara (PDF), and Solano (PDF).
  2. Read through our Campaign Coordinator Guide (PDF), which lays out how to run the best employee giving campaign and has great tips for how you can get your coworkers involved. This will be one of the most important resources for you to refer to!
  3. Take a look at our campaign materials below, including sample emails, labor union endorsement letters, how to request a speaker and more.
  4. Have any more questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact Paris Proctor at or 415-808-4265. We’re here to help! 

Campaign materials

We have all the materials here to make your campaign successful! Should you have any questions or need other materials, please contact Paris Proctor at 415-808-4265 or

Employee Campaign Coordinator Guide (PDF)

Campaign Brochure (PDF)

Membership Groups One Pagers (PDF)

Campaign Pledge Form (PDF)

Campaign Posters (PDF)

United Way’s Impact in Your County

Alameda (PDF)
Contra Costa (PDF) 
Marin (PDF) 
Napa (PDF)  
San Francisco (PDF)  
San Mateo (PDF)  
Santa Clara (PDF)   
Solano (PDF)  
All 8 Counties (PDF)

2016 Certified Agency List


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Sample Emails

Campaign Kick-Off Emails (Word Doc)
Campaign Emails (Word Doc)
Campaign Thank You Emails (Word Doc)

Labor Union Endorsement Letters

Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union
American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations
American Federation of Government Employees
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
International Plate Printers, Die Stampers, Plate Makers, and Engravers Union of North America
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement
North America’s Building Trades Unions
Transportation Communications Union
United Auto Workers Union
United Steelworkers
Utility Workers Union of America
Working America 

Speakers Bureau

United Way’s Speakers Bureau is a terrific way to connect your employees with the Bay Area nonprofit agencies who can benefit from their generous contributions. To learn more and/or request a speaker, visit the Speakers Bureau now!