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Every year, millions of dollars in support of low-income residents goes unclaimed because people are not aware of the programs or do not realize that they qualify.

The Self-Sufficiency Calculator is an anonymous, free web-based tool that helps match people with public benefit programs based on income, family size and other factors. Using the Self-Sufficiency Calculator, you can estimate how benefits can help your program participants make ends meet each month. Case managers, counselors, program directors and others interested in helping people move out of poverty are encouraged to use this tool.

Statistics we can change by connecting people to benefits:

  • California is missing out on an estimated $4.9 billion in federal benefits due to low participation in CalFresh (formerly Food Stamps).
  • The IRS estimates that 20-25% of households eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit do not claim their credit.

Use the Self Sufficiency Calculator and find out if your clients qualify for benefits. Try Now