Who we are. What we do. And why we do it.

With early roots among the nation’s first community chests, incorporated in 1922, United Way Bay Area has a rich history of bringing together individuals, nonprofits, businesses, and government entities to fight for a strong, vibrant, and healthy community. By enabling neighbors to invest in one another, we fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in the Bay Area.


Advocate & Donor

“We let them know that as private citizens we are concerned enough that we have come to Sacramento to advocate.”


Volunteer & Donor

“I define success as how many people I get to help and how many lives I get to impact.”


Nonprofit Partner

“At Skyline College, we have demonstrated that strategies that promote financial well-being can successfully be incorporated… and that doing so contributes to student success.”


Youth Jobs+ Intern

“They didn’t treat me like I was some high school student. They treated me like I was an actual employee.”


How We Operate

Our mission is to be the catalyst that enables people to strengthen their communities by investing in one another. We do this by addressing the specific needs of our community in three areas of impact, helping more than 250,000 Bay Area residents each year.