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Help us build a Better Bay Area!


The Bay Area is a special place filled with history, culture, nature, diversity and opportunities. However, with rising costs, housing shortages and financial impact from the pandemic our Bay Area neighbors need your support now more than ever.

Did you know? 

  • 1 in every 4 households in the Bay Area have household incomes that fall below the real cost measure of living in California
  • For a family of 4 in the Bay Area, the estimated amount needed to meet basic needs is $109,088, African American and Latino households have disproportionately higher proportions of households that are living below the real cost measure.
  • 619,390 people in the Bay Area are food insecure
  • 902,772 households spend 30% or more of their income on housing

For 100 years United Way Bay Area has been here, fighting poverty in our communities. UWBA supports workers and students seeking employment and better careers, helps families struggling to meet basic needs, supports our neighbors toward achieving their financial stability goals, and advocates for housing justice for all Bay Area residents.
With you, we’re working to keep the Bay Area special. A place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Your gift can support our fight against poverty and build a more equitable Bay Area.
Let’s keep the Bay Area Special!