The new era of corporate giving, explained.

By: Kate Webb

UW Worldwide CEO Brian Gallagher talks SPC and more in Harvard Business Review

If you follow us on social media, are subscribed to this blog, or have had any interaction with basically any of our employees lately, you probably heard about our recent rollout of Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud. It’s the first ever global platform that connects employers, employees, customers, and partners to enable them to engage with the causes they care about most, brought to you by United Way and

We sort of made a big deal about the rollout of Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud because, well, it is a big deal—not just for United Way and our partners, but for philanthropy at large. To better understand why, you’ve got to look at this development in the context of the history of United Way, which in many ways is the history of charitable giving in the United States.

To do so, I strongly urge you to check out this article from United Way Worldwide CEO Brian Gallagher in the Harvard Business Review, then learn more about how you and your company can create lasting positive change—at scale—in your local communities and around the world through Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud.

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