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Buy Into You With SaverLife

August 10, 2017

At United Way, we think having a savings account is a good idea.

Not only do we think it is a good idea, but we think it is an integral part of helping people get out of poverty. Here are two examples:


  • In our SparkPoint program, one of the goals our clients work towards is having their savings equal three months of their expenses. And impressively, 203 SparkPoint clients achieved that goal in our fiscal year 2017.


  • For our Earn It! Keep It! Save It! free tax preparation program, 1,770 taxpayers in the 2017 tax season split their tax refund – some into a checking account and some into a savings. Tax time is an important moment to connect a family to savings opportunities.


With this in mind, we are proud to be a partner with EARN and Treasurer, José Cisneros and the San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment on SaverLife San Francisco, a transformative community movement to increase financial stability and emergency savings in the Bay Area.

By joining SaverLife, Bay Area residents can kick start their savings. Participants will receive weekly savings tips from a financial coach, so they can start saving right away. If they save just $20 per month, for six months, they’ll be rewarded with up to $60.

SaverLife is available to every resident in the nine Bay Area counties.

Become a better saver today – spots are limited for members to earn rewards!