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A Path Forward Despite College Debt

February 20, 2018

Kim dropped out of college with $80,000 in loan debt, no degree, and feeling hopeless. Anxious and depressed, Kim was looking for a no-cost way to improve her situation and United Ways’ SparkPoint center sounded like a perfect match.

Once she learned about the resources available, Kim understood quickly that she needed to take responsibility and get the hard work done in order to take full advantage of the resources. Kim received financial, credit, and job coaching. She understood that “no cost” did not mean “no value.” She appreciated the support she received from her coaches and instructors that helped her design a path forward.

After working with SparkPoint, she now has a good paying job and loves the field she’s working in. The perfect world for her is where diversity meets tech. She is also preparing to move out on her own after sharing a home with her mother.

Kim says, “SparkPoint is the place where the rubber met the road. I still lean on SparkPoint for those tune ups of expertise, encouragement, and accountability when I need them.”

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