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Can Gorillas Help Fight Poverty?

October 10, 2017


What is the Koko Challenge?


The Koko Challenge is a way for Bay Area law firms to have some fun and competition while giving back to their community. The challenge is between participating law firms (and any firm can participate) to see who can raise the most money to fight poverty and be the most engaged. Each year, we hear amazing stories of ways that firms encourage their employees to take part.



What events are planned in 2017 with these participating law firms?


We’re still working on the calendar for this year but we’re promising to have an exciting event for firms to get involved!



If a new law firm wanted to get involved, what is the process for participating?


If you’re interested in having your firm participate, email for more information. There are many ways your firm can get involved; we can help you run a United Way giving campaign, you can host easy fundraising events within your firm, or a mix of both!



Why is the Koko challenge themed around a gorilla?


When the competition first started, the creators knew that whimsical theme would help get people involved. We now have Koko the Gorilla present at all of our events!



I heard last years kick-off event featured a dance contest — is there a way I can see it online?


Absolutely! You can see Koko in action with her mascot friends below.