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Something Magical is Brewing

May 19, 2017

There’s something magical that happens when we meet people who are willing to roll up their sleeves a little bit higher, dig a little deeper into their pockets, and open up their hearts a little wider in support of our work at United Way.

We felt the spark when we met Daniel Lee and Michelle Branch. From engaged United Way volunteer, to enthusiastic affinity group member to Board member, Daniel Lee and Michelle Branch have steadily shaped different sides of the United Way. They channeled their excitement for our poverty-combating programs into volunteering their time, expertise and finances.

As a small token of our gratitude for this magic, and the magic of all of our engaged affinity group members, we decided to try something new: throw a magic show!

Before your imagination runs wild, no…we didn’t ask our Chief Operating Officer Eric to throw on a black hat and white gloves. We did invite the legendary Andrew Evans to perform magic shows for our affinity group members. He designs, builds, and performs one-of-a-kind illusions while also consulting for other magicians and theatrical productions. When Evans is not performing magic he serves as the Design Lead at IDEO, a global design company that creates positive impact through design.

Andrew told us, “As a magician, my goal is to create seemingly impossible experiences for audiences. … Thanks to generous donors and hard working staff, the United Way is able to create incredible impact and seemingly impossible experiences for communities most in need. It’s a pleasure to work with the United Way and bring my own brand of magic to the incredible work they do.” We are so lucky to have met a magician who performs incredible tricks and cares about our cause!

We know that when it comes to being involved with local nonprofits, you can pick a card, any card. But we’re grateful that you’ve picked us.

A magician never reveals their tricks, but we’ll reveal the fun pics here.