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Time To Get United

November 15, 2016


United Way Bay Area family,


No matter what your political perspective, it is clear that the results of the recent presidential election have revealed a divided country. There are strong, varied feelings on all sides of the issues that run from hope to despair and everything in between. These emotions make sense because elections matter and have a profound and lasting effect on individuals, families, and communities.


A question arises for us here at United Way Bay Area – as an organization built on the principle of unity, what is our role in ensuring that our community and our residents who are struggling or living in fear can continue to get the help they need?


That’s why we are committed, more than ever, to our mission to fight for those who struggle to get by every day, those who deserve equal access to the supports that help them thrive. And we do this for everyone in our eight Bay Area counties – everyone, no matter who they are.


That is what we promise to do. What’s your call to action?


Stand with us in helping those in your neighborhood in whatever way is most meaningful for you. Give backjoin us in our policy work, volunteer, or simply lend an ear to those who are concerned or afraid. And United Way Bay Area will do whatever we can to support your efforts because we believe in a community helping its own–that is why we exist, that is what we are committed to.


If you would like to volunteer this holiday season and throughout the year, we have some current opportunities that may help you express your feelings in an active and meaningful way:


UWBA Volunteer Holiday Drive 2016 (PDF)


UWBA Volunteer Opportunity Offerings (PDF)


Our democracy is a grand experiment and we are all architects of it. While we sometimes experience the impacts of its imperfections, let’s all continue to LIVE UNITED.



Anne Wilson
CEO, United Bay Area