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Uniting Youth for Social Good

March 23, 2018

United Way Bay Area (UWBA) is truly inspired by the movement of young people who are speaking out about social issues that impact their lives and communities.

“It is incumbent upon us all to empower our young people and support their efforts to mobilize around social issues that affect their safety, education, families, and communities,” said Anne Wilson, CEO of United Way Bay Area.


Micro-Grant Fund Opportunities for Youth Advocates

In recognition of this inspiring movement, UWBA is excited to announce our Youth Voices Campaign which offers Bay Area youth an opportunity to apply for $500 – $5,000 micro-grant funds.

UWBA aims to amplify the voices of youth who are working towards solutions to social issues, want to change behaviors, and affect public policy. UWBA advocates for a community where young people are valued, respected, and engaged as leaders.

Project Ideas: Advocacy events, social media campaigns, educational workshops, video story collection campaigns or any innovative effort to mobilize and amplify youth voices for social change in the Bay Area.


-Individual youth and organized groups encouraged to apply.

-Organized groups include youth serving organizations, schools, coalitions, and youth advocacy groups.

-Individual young persons must have a fiscal sponsor, e.g. a 501(c)(3) or school.

-Recipients may use the funds to support an existing, internal project or provide sub-grants directly to young people.

-The funded project must be youth-led.

-Recipients of the micro-grants will be required to provide an impact story during the grant period.

To learn more about our grant application process and to attend a scheduled informational conference call, view the Application Overview (PDF).

Please submit your application to Kelly Batson at kbatson@uwba.org.