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Pitney Bowes Volunteers Join Summer of Impact

July 23, 2018

Youth Deserve Essential School Supplies


To many students, the advent of another school year means homework, early mornings and early bedtimes. It’s a bummer, but it’s okay. What is not okay is the sky high number of families who cannot afford the essentials their kids need to fully participate in school.

We created the Summer of Impact to connect the generosity of our corporate partners with the expertise of our incredible community partners. Several community partners voiced a need for school supplies. We knew this would require a great deal of logistics and time, but we also knew that it would be worth it.

When our partner Pitney Bowes reached out to sponsor the Summer of Impact, we knew it would make a huge difference to Bay Area students and their families. This August 2018, Pitney Bowes will lead a United Way Packing Party in which they will assemble the donated backpacks, pencils, pens and more. We’ll make sure these end up in the hands of students who need them.

We are incredibly grateful to Pitney Bowes for once again stepping up to make a difference. With the help of their employees, we will help youth access essential supplies to thrive in class.

How can you get involved?

1) Join as a sponsor: We need more teams like the folks at Pitney Bowes to join our Summer of Impact Drive. If your corporation has the compassion, curiosity and capacity to participate in this unique opportunity, please consider joining as a Summer of Impact Sponsor.

2) Donate to our drive: Show your support for school-age youth by donating school supplies. The drive closes August 3.

3) Contact Kearstin Krehbiel at kkrehbiel@uwba.org, our Senior Director of Community Engagement, to learn more today!