CalSavers Retirement Savings Program

A simple, trusted way to save for retirement.

Currently, 7.5 million Californians do not have access to a retirement savings program through work.


CalSavers logoAnd nearly half of Californians are projected to retire into economic hardship – at or below two times the federal poverty level. Most of these Californians are people of color and women.

CalSavers, a new retirement savings program, is designed to give Californians an easy and simple way to save for retirement. In fact, state law now requires all businesses with five or more employees to either offer a retirement savings vehicle from the private market or facilitate CalSavers with rolling deadlines over the coming 3 years.

United Way Bay Area is partnering with the California State Treasurer's Office to raise awareness about CalSavers and connect Bay Area employers and savers to the program. Investing in retirement savings is critical to building wealth among low-income families and ending generational poverty.

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Help your employees save for retirement!

Through CalSavers, businesses that do not already offer a retirement option will be able to facilitate a retirement savings program without any fiduciary responsibility, administrative headaches or fees.

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It's time to prepare for retirement!

Get on the path to a more secure retirement by making automatic payroll deductions to a portable retirement savings account.

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