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A Lifeline in the Gig Economy

For 60 years, Community Services Agency (CSA) has been a vital lifeline to people in need. Now a member of the Emergency Assistance Network of Santa Clara County, the organization began as a community resource for immigrant farmers...

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Basic Needs | COVID-19 | Partners | United Way Bay Area

COVID Call to Action: Combat Hunger and Homelessness in Sunnyvale

Before the COVID-19 pandemic officially hit the Bay Area, another crisis loomed in the region. Rising income inequality crescendoed into a soaring divide, with people in the 90th percentile earning $384,000 per year while folks at the bottom...

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Report: UWBA’s SparkPoint Improves Student Persistence at Community Colleges

Staying in school has never been more difficult. But SparkPoint knows how to get students back on track.  United Way Bay Area’s SparkPoint program is excited to release our first-ever report on student persistence: The SparkPoint Difference. SparkPoint...

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7 Ways to Thank Frontline Workers

7 Ways to Thank Frontline Workers Nurses. Doctors. Grocery store employees. Delivery drivers. Warehouse workers. First responders. Truck drivers. Cleaners. There are so many people who are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 outbreak. They continue to help...

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United Way Bay Area CEO Anne Wilson to Retire

United Way Bay Area (UWBA) CEO Anne Wilson has announced her retirement after 40 years of service—she joined the nonprofit in 1980 and became its first female CEO in 2000. Under Anne’s leadership, UWBA has raised more than...

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What are you doing with your day off?

What better way to spend your day off than by following Dr. King’s example? Volunteer for MLK Day of Service to do right by your community.    MLK Day is a national day of service—a time set aside...

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Census2020 | United Way Bay Area

Top 7 Things You Need to Know About the 2020 Census

1. What is the census? The census is a government survey that only happens every 10 years and asks basic questions like the name, age, race and ethnicity of each person living in your household. The census is...

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CalSavers Retirement Savings: How One Oakland Coffee House Is Supporting Its Workers

CalSavers is California’s state-sponsored workplace retirement savings program that makes it easy for small business employees to save for their futures. Through automatic payroll contributions into a personal retirement account, employees can save in a secure, easy and...

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Living United, Giving United

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to end 2019 than by bringing our generous community together for the holidays in support of hundreds of Bay Area families in need. Together with our nonprofit and corporate partners...

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2020 Census | United Way Bay Area

What is the 2020 Census?

Not sure why the 2020 Census is a big deal? Watch video to learn what is at stake for your community. #BayAreaCounts2020     Check out our full Census page here.

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