Empowering Youth | Jobs | United Way Bay Area

From struggling in school to a thriving apprenticeship.

Emilio struggled in school but found passion in an apprenticeship through Youth Jobs+.     Like many youth his age, San Francisco Mission District native Emilio Diaz says he enjoyed the social aspects of school, but that “schoolwork...

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Empowering Youth | United Way Bay Area

UWBA and Youth Jobs+ featured in The Atlantic

UWBA’s Larry Berry and Youth Jobs+ success Emilio Diaz talk about the importance of youth jobs In the Bay Area and across the United States, youth are increasingly moving away from 4-year college degrees, just as low-skill, entry-level...

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What is Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud?

Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud inspires, connects and empowers employees to engage in social causes   Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud is a game-changing platform that inspires, connects and empowers employees and organizations to engage in causes they care about to create...

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Impact | Thriving Adults | United Way Bay Area

Tax season results are here!

United Way Bay Area’s Earn It! Keep It! Save It! Program is part of a national effort to provide free tax preparation to working families and individuals by training volunteers to prepare tax returns and identify critical tax...

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Advocacy | Basic Needs | Impact | United Way Bay Area

Could Inclusionary Zoning alleviate the Bay Area’s housing crisis?

Living and working in the Bay Area can be extremely rewarding. From great weather to a vibrant economy to ethnic and cultural diversity, our region offers a number of rewards for potential residents. However for many working families,...

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United Way Bay Area

Cancellation Notice: Believe 2018 Awards

United Way Bay Area is announcing cancellation of our Believe 2018 Awards Event, which was scheduled for September 13, 2018, in San Francisco. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for our guests who planned to...

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Thriving Adults | United Way Bay Area

From fighting for our nation to fighting to stay afloat.

Like many veterans today, Jonathon struggled to stay afloat before SparkPoint. Did you know that 1 in 3 California households struggles to afford basic needs? That’s according to United Ways of California’s new statewide poverty report, Struggling to...

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Spotlight | Thriving Adults | United Way Bay Area

Raising credit scores and morale.

SparkPoint helped Dana move on from foreclosure, rejuvenate his finances—and life outlook.   Like a lot of our clients, Dana first came to SparkPoint during a time of transition—and stress—in his life. He and his wife had adopted...

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Poverty | Thriving Adults | United Way Bay Area

When the student becomes the teacher.

Ramona relates to parents in her class because she’s been there—literally. Like many people living in poverty, Ramona believed she was stuck working labor-intensive, minimum-wage jobs for life. She was living and thinking day-to-day, and soon found herself...

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Pitney Bowes Volunteers Join Summer of Impact

Youth Deserve Essential School Supplies   To many students, the advent of another school year means homework, early mornings and early bedtimes. It’s a bummer, but it’s okay. What is not okay is the sky high number of...

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