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Spotlight: Jack Avery, Public Policy Intern at UWBA

A recent graduate from UCLA and Public Policy intern at UWBA, Jack Avery is a motivated young professional ready to tackle his career. His journey with UWBA didn’t start with this summer internship though. Jack was previously a...

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Empowering Youth | Jobs | United Way Bay Area

A Lesson in Life Skills

Landing a Job   Standing in the room at the Mayor’s Youth Jobs+ Neighborhood Fair at Larkin Street Youth Services, one could feel the excitement and eagerness of attendees which included youth looking for jobs and San Francisco...

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Spotlight | United Way Bay Area

Spotlight: Erik Kristjanson, Client Development at McKinsey & Company

Erik Kristjanson shines as a UWBA Emerging Leader. By day, he works within the New Ventures Client Development team at McKinsey & Company (a global management consulting firm) and in his spare time he is an active member...

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What Do You Stand For?

“What is your stand?”   With that question, Dr. Monica Sharma launched the Leadership Equity and Opportunity (LEO) Summit. The 73 participants, drawn from nonprofit organizations across the Bay Area, were, for several moments, speechless. We—myself included—weren’t quite...

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California Working Families Win

While the federal policy landscape continues to be challenging for people trying to make ends meet, California plans to expand opportunities for working-class families as UWBA and its partners across the state scored a huge win with a...

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The Safety Net Caught Me

  Growing up in public housing as an only child with a single mom in the Fillmore District of San Francisco was not easy. My mother worked hard everyday as we struggled to make ends meet. She ensured...

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Believe to Achieve

  Wow! We can’t believe how fun Believe was! Okay…sorry for the lame joke but we’re still exhausted after that incredible kick-off party at LinkedIn.   We’re feeling tired from all the laughs, but we’re also feeling rejuvenated...

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Advocacy | Thriving Adults | United Way Bay Area

From Homelessness to Financial Stability

  Betty is someone who knows first-hand the challenges of being a single mom. She is currently raising her eight-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter and paying the rent and putting food on the table is incredibly difficult on...

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Spotlight: Anna Mok, Managing Partner at Deloitte

  Meet Anna Mok. She developed an active and high-caliber career while taking on side projects like, oh, saving the world and fighting Bay Area poverty with United Way.   As a Managing Partner with Deloitte, she is...

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Partners | United Way Bay Area

Something Magical is Brewing

There’s something magical that happens when we meet people who are willing to roll up their sleeves a little bit higher, dig a little deeper into their pockets, and open up their hearts a little wider in support...

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