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How to Help Families Affected by Hurricane Harvey

United Way Bay Area stands with those affected by Hurricane Harvey, a storm of epic proportions AND the response needed is of epic proportions. The Texas and Louisiana communities affected are currently in response mode, assessing the needs...

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United Way Bay Area | Volunteering

Be Kind to One Another

As we reflect on some of the most turbulent times in our nation’s history, we feel compelled to unite our constituency around our shared values that we have demonstrated for more than 90 years. We also stand firmly...

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Spotlight | United Way Bay Area | Volunteering

Spotlight: Zac Siriboon, Assurance Services at Ernst & Young

Zac Siriboon is a dynamic and motivated young professional. He’s starting his third year with EY and recently became a UWBA Emerging Leader, giving him the opportunity to focus on his altruistic passions by connecting underserved youth to resources...

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Empowering Youth | United Way Bay Area | Volunteering

Believe to Achieve

  Wow! We can’t believe how fun Believe was! Okay…sorry for the lame joke but we’re still exhausted after that incredible kick-off party at LinkedIn.   We’re feeling tired from all the laughs, but we’re also feeling rejuvenated...

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Advocacy | Poverty | United Way Bay Area | Volunteering

National Service Programs are Critical in the Fight Against Poverty

The “America First Blueprint Budget” was released by the White House in March and calls for the elimination of the Corporation for National and Community Service. The Corporation for National and Community Service is home to several important...

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Poverty | United Way Bay Area | Volunteering

Feeding the Bay Area, One Bag of Food at a Time

Millions of Americans live each day with uncertainty of where their next meal will come from. According to the California Association of Food Banks, 1 in 8 residents face food insecurity, which includes 2.1 million children. These are...

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Partners | United Way Bay Area | Volunteering

How One Day of Volunteering Changed Two Lives Forever

  Rosemary Turner, the President of UPS small package operations in the North California District, took time out of her busy schedule to share a personal story about a volunteer experience that ended up changing her life.  ...

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Advocacy | United Way Bay Area | Volunteering

Tax Season is Here

  Earn It! Keep It! Save It! Is Back At It!   “And just when I think I’m gonna die–I start volunteering,” Kelly Batson says. She’s sitting in her office at United Way, taking 20 minutes away from...

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Empowering Youth | Spotlight | United Way Bay Area | Volunteering

Engineering a Successful Future for Bay Area Youth

At the recent United Way On Track Career Expo in San Francisco, we caught up with Ravi Desphande, a field applications engineer with Texas Instruments (TI) in Sunnyvale, California. Ravi is a friendly, familiar face not only to...

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Impact | Partners | United Way Bay Area | Volunteering

Generous Law Firms and Gigantic Gorillas

  Koko Awards Ceremony   This past October 2016, something wackier than normal happened on Market Street in downtown San Francisco: a group of mascots getting down, all in the name of fighting poverty. Through this mascot dance-off,...

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