Coalition Against Payday Predators

United Way Bay Area is part of the Coalition Against Payday Predators (CAPP) coalition.

This coalition consists of community-based organizations in Santa Clara County that has come together to advocate for county-wide policies that would limit payday lenders’ ability to prey on financially vulnerable members of our community as well as to advocate for state-wide reform of the legal loopholes that allow for this type of predatory loan.


What are payday loans?

A payday loan is a very expensive loan that can result a borrower having to borrow over and over if the person doesn’t have enough money to pay off the loan in only 2 weeks and still pay necessary bills and other expenses. The average payday loan has a 400% interest rate.


Payday loans are dangerous

Many borrowers are not able to pay back the original loan by the next payday and still have enough money left over for expenses, so it’s easy to get trapped into taking out numerous loans one after another. On average, payday loan borrowers take out 5-10 payday loans a year, which totals $225-$450 in fees just to borrow $255 one time.


Get Involved

Tell a friend: Do you know someone that needs help with payday lending? 
Have them call (408) 634-9343

Center for Responsible Lending

California's statewide anti-payday lending coalition and help enact state policy reforms that will reduce the harmful impacts of payday lending on Californians.

Law Foundation of Silicon Valley

Coalition Against Payday Predators' (CAPP) work to limit the reckless financial practices of payday lenders in Santa Clara County through ordinance advocacy, public education and development of alternatives.