COVID-19 Relief Fund Grantee Application

This application is currently closed. Our United Way Bay Area COVID-19 Fund has received over $28 million in requests as of May 5, 2020. We will do our best to continue to fundraise and meet as many requests as we can. Please email if you have any questions or concerns.


United Way Bay Area’s COVID-19 Community Relief Fund will direct funds to Bay Area organizations that are offering relief and response services to families who have been adversely impacted by this global pandemic. Organizations providing services in the following categories or that have the following needs are encouraged to apply:

Direct Assistance to meet basic needs of the families most affected by the economic effects of the Coronavirus spread and prevention measures such as assistance with rent, housing, food, utilities, healthcare costs, or unpaid sick time.

Worker Support such as connection to alternative employment, helping with public benefits assistance, disability benefits application assistance, and legal assistance.

Infrastructure to be able to continue operations and provide critical services to the affected members of the community, including technology, cleaning supplies and services, etc.

For questions, please email us at or view our COVID-19 funding FAQs below.

How do I apply the for the COVID-19 Relief Funds?

Organizations that currently receive funding from UWBA apply here.

Organizations that do not currently receive funding from UWBA apply here.

Who can I contact for questions regarding the COVID-19 Relief Fund?

Please send your questions to

Does “Direct Assistance” mean United Way is providing direct assistance to families from COVID-19 Relief Fund?

No, United Way will be funding organizations that will be providing direct assistance to families. We will not be providing direct funding to individuals or families.

How much will be granted out from the COVID-19 Relief Fund?

Because we are still actively fundraising, we are not sure how much the entire fund amount will be. We will be making grants in phases as funding comes in.

How much funding can I apply for from the COVID-19 Relief Fund?

There is no maximum amount you can apply for, so please apply for a reasonable amount and tell us what you need. We will allocate funding based on the amount we are able to fundraise.

Can I apply for all three COVID-19 Relief Fund categories, or do I have to choose one?

You are welcome to apply for funding in one or two or all three categories.

What are the COVID-19 Relief Fund reporting requirements?

We will be in communication with grantees on an on-going basis and will keep you posted on reporting requirements. You can expect to track the number of people you assist and the services you provided. We intend to make it easy and very short!

When will we learn if we were selected for funding from the COVID-19 Relief Fund?

We are assessing applications in phases. We are hoping to notify applicants in April.

I submitted my COVID-19 Relief Fund application, but I want to make edits. How do I do that?

Please email and we can work with you to edit your application.

I’d like to donate to the COVID-19 Relief Fund. How do I do this?

Please donate here: