Frequently Asked Questions

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. United Way Bay Area is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and as such your donation is 100% tax deductible. Our tax ID is 94-1312348.

How will my donation dollars be used?

100% of your donation will stay right here in the Bay Area, supporting United Way’s work in:


Larger, community-wide efforts to address our region’s most pressing challenges and build a healthier Bay Area


On-the-ground poverty-fighting programs that work to: ensure everyone in our community can access basic needs; empower the next generation through training and jobs; and help struggling individuals and families gain financial stability.


For more on these innovative programs, check out our work.

What’s your overhead?

The Better Business Bureau suggests nonprofits maintain an overhead expense ratio of no more than 35%. United Way Bay Area’s overhead is 16.75% based on our 2018 fiscal year IRS Form 990 tax returns—but that’s not quite the whole story. In addition to supporting our own poverty-fighting programs, our overhead expenses include the costs associated with fundraising and running workplace campaigns throughout the Bay Area that support more than 3,000 other nonprofits each year. This is important work to us, because we know we are so much stronger when we work together.

In spite of this extra work, we are able to keep our expenses low through a commitment to organizational efficiency, responsible investments, a high level of volunteers participation, and in-kind services provided by our Board of Directors and partners.

How is United Way Bay Area connected to United Way Worldwide?

Although part of a national movement focused on measurable community impact, United Way Bay Area is an independent nonprofit organization serving the eight Bay Area counties. We receive no funding from United Way Worldwide; rather we pay dues to our national chapter for which we receive membership as a United Way organization and other benefits such as training and NFL advertising. This allows us to operate autonomously— with the flexibility to address the unique needs of the Bay Area—while also benefitting from the best ideas of United Ways throughout the country.

Has United Way processed my donation? How can I get more information?

Give us a call at 1-800-273-1779 or email customerservice@uwba.org.

Do you accept tangible donations?

United Way Bay Area is only able to accept certain kinds of personal and real property gifts. Please see our Gift Acceptance Policy (PDF) for more information.

Need help? Dial 2-1-1

Available 24/7 in 150 languages, our free 211 helpline connects you with services providing food, housing, health care, legal aid, child care, and more.

Visit 211BayArea.org