Leading with Philanthropy

Together, we can change the world.

When it comes to giving back, the Bay Area business community is all in. Over 90 individuals attended our joint presentation of Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud on January 31, 2019. Our fearless leader, CEO Anne Wilson, introduced a line-up of speakers, including Georges Smine, VP Product Marketing at Salesforce, Nick Bailey, Vice President, Innovation and Products at Salesforce.org and our very own Sterrin Bird, Chief Development Officer.

“Philanthropy Cloud was designed to bring companies, people and causes together to improve the state of the world,” said Nick Bailey Vice President, Innovation and Products at salesforce.org. “The ability to combine the experience of Philanthropy Cloud technology and all of the content and services that United Way brings, is what makes this (partnership) so incredibly powerful.”

As Bay Area companies continue to compete for top-talent, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is taking center stage. Employees who come together for a cause at work are more likely to be satisfied on the job, which in turn drives retention and innovation. At UWBA, we believe that employee engagement not only makes good business sense. It’s a collective journey that makes the Bay Area, and our world, a better place.


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