Personal Giving Account

A Personal Giving Account (PGA) is a donor-advised fund established at United Way Bay Area in your name. Contributions to the account are tax deductible at the time of the gift. Gifts received between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018 are eligible for advice on distributions to qualified nonprofit agencies through December 31, 2018.

PGA Form

What is a Personal Giving Account (PGA)?

In establishing a Personal Giving Account with United Way Bay Area, you are making an irrevocable gift to United Way Bay Area.

You may provide advice on further distributions to qualified nonprofit organizations up through the ending date of the PGA term.

The minimum amount to establish a PGA is $10,000. A $500 fee to cover the cost of processing the personal giving account will be applied.

How does this work?

Upon United Way Bay Area’s approval of your grant recommendation, an individual customized payment will be sent to the organization, which includes your name. The minimum distribution amount is $250.

What reporting will I receive?

You will receive quarterly statements to track your Personal Giving Account.

To whom can United Way make distributions?

  • Charitable organizations described in Section 170(b)(l)(A) of the Internal Revenue Code that have a US based mailing address. This includes public charities; private operating foundations; and most religious, educational, hospital and research nonprofit organizations).
  • Other donor advised funds.

When can’t United Way honor my distribution request?

Federal tax law (Pension Protection Act- H.R. 4) prohibits distributions from Personal Giving Accounts:

  • In fulfillment of a pre-existing written pledge
  • In exchange of any goods, services or other private benefit
  • To an individual
  • or any non-charitable purpose

Recipient organizations must have a U.S.A. based mailing address.

What is the procedure for distributions?

In order to make a distribution to an agency, United Way Bay Area must receive advice from the donor or a designated individual in writing. If you’re interested in learning more or have questions, please contact us at, or phone 415-808-4233.

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