& United Way Introduce New Volunteering Capability

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the global leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and United Way Worldwide, the world’s largest privately funded nonprofit, today announced a new volunteering capability for Philanthropy Cloud that allows employees to volunteer and connect with the causes they care about. Deloitte and Kellogg Company have signed on as customers, leveraging Philanthropy Cloud to provide a seamless and transparent giving and volunteering experience for their personnel.

A Partnership to Revolutionize Philanthropy
Today, new generations of the workforce expect and demand that companies take a leading role in making the world a better place. Additionally, customers are increasingly basing their buying decisions on corporate values. In fact, 76 percent of customers believe companies are responsible for giving back to their communities.
Launched in 2018, Philanthropy Cloud is a platform where employees can find opportunities to engage in their communities. With more than 60,000 corporate partners, United Way engages with their employees to improve lives and strengthen communities around the world. The organization’s corporate partners contribute billions of dollars and countless volunteer hours to help those in need. Together, Salesforce and United Way are connecting corporations, employees and nonprofits at scale.

Tracking Impact on One Single Platform
In addition to giving to causes by donating money, employees want to volunteer their time and skills. According to Povaddo, 68 percent of employees want their employers to provide volunteer opportunities. Philanthropy Cloud has redefined community engagement in the workplace. With this tool, not only can employees connect with opportunities, companies can automate the management of workplace campaigns and efficiently report on them. With this new volunteering capability, Philanthropy Cloud will now enable employee-driven philanthropy through a single platform to track employee giving and report on impact.

New key features include:
• Skills-based volunteering – Employees don’t just donate their time; now with Philanthropy Cloud, they can donate their skills. Salesforce Einstein AI matches volunteering opportunities to each employee’s skills in a personalized dashboard.
• One integrated platform – For the first time, employees can see giving and volunteering opportunities and reporting side by side. They can choose whether they want to donate their money, time, or both in the same interface.
• Champion role – With Philanthropy Cloud, companies can designate champion roles, which allow the most enthusiastic employees to create volunteering opportunities, share stories, and make volunteering contagious.

“Philanthropy Cloud is ushering in a new era of corporate giving, and we’re thrilled to expand upon the innovations to make it even easier for employees to get involved,” said Rob Acker, CEO, “New generations of the workforce expect and demand that corporations take a leading role in making the world a better place, and Philanthropy Cloud is delivering this solution.”

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