United Way & Salesforce.org Team Up to Transform Philanthropy

By: Tamara Orozco

Imagine a social networking platform that allows corporate employees to get involved with social impact causes they care about, allows them to give to their favorite charities and see which causes are trending within their company. This new tool for building employee engagement for social impact is called Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud.

Launched by Salesforce.org, this digital platform encourages more giving, volunteering, and advocating for local social causes and will be offered to employees as an added benefit to their employment. It will be piloted with select companies with a major rollout expected this summer 2018.

“As more people use it, the app also wouldn’t just encourage more giving, but extend it in new ways, allowing people to learn from each other, make more informed decisions, and respond in real time to major crises.”

The potential for Philanthropy Cloud is major during a time when the philanthropic landscape is changing. As CEO of United Way Worldwide, Brian Gallagher points out, “We are living in an age of individuals, not institutions.”

“Philanthropy Cloud could fundamentally change how philanthropy works.”

Read more in Fast Company’s article here.

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