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CalSavers Retirement Savings: How One Oakland Coffee House Is Supporting Its Workers

January 2, 2020

CalSavers is California’s state-sponsored workplace retirement savings program that makes it easy for small business employees to save for their futures. Through automatic payroll contributions into a personal retirement account, employees can save in a secure, easy and reliable way. One local business facilitating the CalSavers program for its employees is the Oakland-based coffee brand, Red Bay Coffee.

Red Bay Coffee has enjoyed steady support from its local community since its birth in 2014 for its commitment to serving high quality and sustainable coffee while building diverse, inclusive and just communities.

Red Bay is dedicated to its employees which includes individuals who have traditionally been left out of the specialty coffee industry like people of color, women, people with disabilities and the formerly incarcerated. Red Bay is ensuring its employees have access to quality health care and a retirement savings program such as CalSavers.

Upon learning that CalSavers would provide access to a Roth IRA for employees with no cost or fiduciary liability, Kenitra ‘Keni’ Dominguez, Red Bay’s Director of People and Culture, signed employees up. “Knowing that my team is in safe hands puts my mind at ease,” Keni said. “I would undoubtedly encourage other small businesses to consider CalSavers.”

Keni has found CalSavers to be a great fit for Red Bay staff and praised its customer service.

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