You can overcome your financial challenges—we’re here to help.

Looking to tackle your financial challenges and build a brighter future for yourself and your family?
SparkPoint provides low-income Bay Area residents with free financial and career coaching and education to help them change their lives.

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and you’ll get one-on-one coaching to help you take control of your finances in three key areas.

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    Camila and her family were struggling to get by until she found SparkPoint. Now she's on a path to a career and making enough to fully support her family.

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    Everyone deserves prosperity. For us that means:

    Earning a self-sufficient income

    Raising your credit score to 700+

    Having no revolving debt

    Building enough savings to cover 3 months of living expenses

    SparkPoint Centers offer the following services:

    - Financial coaching
    - Credit and debt counseling/repair
    - Budgeting/savings plan
    - Job search assistance
    - Vocational skills training
    - Career development
    - Connection to housing resources
    - Education counseling
    - Benefits screening and enrollment assistance
    - Tax Preparation
    - Rental assistance
    - Cash assistance
    - Food pantry
    - Financial planning
    - Banking/financial products
    - Homeownership assistance
    - Peer lending circle

    Please note that services may vary by location and may have limited offerings due to COVID-19.

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