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United Way Bay Area 2020 Voter Guide

October 5, 2020

It’s 2020 and a huge election year. The upcoming state and national elections may be one of the most defining elections in U.S. history—but it doesn’t stop at the presidential election. In addition to the candidates on your ballot, voters also have the opportunity to weigh in on dozens of ballot measures at the state, county, and local levels. These decisions have an immense impact on our daily lives, from the investments we make in healthcare to the quality of our schools. With issues like racial justice and rising unemployment affecting us all, voting in the November election can be a safe and meaningful way for us to fight for systemic change in our communities.

We want to help make sure your voices are heard on the issues you care about. Your vote matters. That’s why, United Way Bay Area is proud to release our 2020 November Voter Guide to ensure that you can be an informed voter. Our guide provides an overview of select measures on the state and local ballots, as well as, an explanation of where UWBA stands on each.

At United Way Bay Area, we know that local elections matter. We stand by our core belief that voter and civic engagement builds stronger communities. Join us by pledging to do your part and participate in our democracy.

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