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Financial Stability

Episode 3 of the Just a Moment video series.

Just a Moment

Episode 3: Financial Stability

United Way Bay Area Chief Community Impact Officer, Kelly Batson and UWBA Ambassador, Russell Brautigam, join the show to discuss financial stability and its impact on freedom and choice in individuals’ lives. We’ll discuss how UWBA programs, like Free Tax Help and SparkPoint, empower low to moderate-income households to achieve financial security, and how tax credits can play a major role in transforming lives. Tune in to learn more about how UWBA influences policies to support individuals and families pursuing financial stability.


For additional information, visit www.uwba.org and follow us on social media at @uwba. Don’t miss this insightful episode – together, we can create positive change! #TheWorkUWBA


Kelly Batson, Chief Community Impact Officer at UWBA; Russell Brautigam, UWBA Ambassador

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To find out more about how UWBA is addressing financial stability in the Bay Area, visit our Building Financial Stability pages.