Uncles deserve better!

January 8, 2018

By: Lynn Lohr

It’s starting to be a stereotype on television, in movies, and in advertising. The eccentric uncle comes for the holidays and disrupts dinner.

It’s time to set the record straight.

Uncles do a lot of good—quietly, thoughtfully, and generously.

Peter Noon took his role as an uncle seriously. He worked hard and got ahead. Peter’s career at Lockheed Martin allowed him to earn a good living working for a company that promoted “innovation with purpose.”

Peter did well enough that he was able to give back during his career by becoming a generous leadership donor through Lockheed’s annual United Way campaign.

In retirement, he went a step further for both community and family. He knew that his success at a competitive corporation had been rooted in his own good education. So, when he designed his estate plan in 1996, he kept his eleven-year-old nephew’s future in mind.

Peter created a trust to fund education and living expenses for any kind of post-secondary education up to and including a doctorate, a medical degree, or a juris doctor. The fund was set to remain in place until Erik turned 32!

This past September, United Way Bay Area was notified that it would receive a six-figure check, and a check would also go to United Way Santa Cruz. Twenty-one years ago, Peter designated the two United Ways as the organizations that would receive the unused balance of the educational trust he set up for young Erik.

In this way, Peter extended his family to include many more young men and women throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. His thoughtful planning will benefit United Way’s focus on empowering youth and preparing them for twenty-first century jobs.

Thank you, Uncle Peter! We will work hard to justify your kind foresight. Your place at our table is an honored one.



When you lay out your estate plans, we hope that your embrace of family and community will extend to include United Way Bay Area, just as Peter’s did. If it does, please contact Joan Catherine Braun at jbraun@uwba.org or 415-808-4465 for more information about the options that UWBA can offer to you.


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