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211 Art Contest

The voting phase will commence on February 11th and run through February 20th, inviting you to select your favorite piece.

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Community Canvas: Capturing the Transformative Impact of 211



Capture the Journey


Create a compelling work of art that conveys the impact and significance of 211 services within your community, representing what it means to have access to needed resources. Explore the theme of connection, portraying the link between individuals in need and the diverse range of health and human services made accessible through calling 211. Capture the emotional journey of finding help and convey the relief that comes with being connected to the right resources. Your creation can be a symbol of hope, support, and empowerment for individuals and communities alike.

Authentic Artistic Expression


Incorporate elements of diversity and community into your artwork, reflecting the unique characteristics of your local community to underscore the universal impact of 211 on people from various backgrounds and walks of life. Be bold and creative – make your artistic expression an authentic extension of both yourself and your community.

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