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STATEMENT: United Way Bay Area *ecstatic* the California Legislature advances ACA 1 to the November Ballot

September 14, 2023


Caitlin McShane
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Statement from TaShon Thomas, Director of Public Policy at United Way Bay Area, the area’s most respected and effective philanthropic organization fighting poverty, on a state constitutional amendment that returns democratic power to the people to approve housing bonds that build homes and prevent homelessness in their communities.

San Francisco, Calif., September 14, 2023—This is a HUGE win! ACA 1 — which would Amend the Constitution of the state of California — has the potential to right the wrongs of the past, returning power to the majority of California voters, and ensuring Californians have a fair voice in the future of our state when it comes to housing.

This vote came down-to-the-wire on the last day for the Legislature to vote on this issue which affects every Californian, yet we cannot overstate the significance of getting a constitutional amendment on the Nov. 2024 ballot that allows the voters of California the chance to regain control over housing decisions in their communities.

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ACA 1 will lower the necessary voter threshold from a two-thirds supermajority to 55 percent to approve local general obligation bonds and special taxes for affordable housing and public infrastructure projects.

Thank you to the California Legislature, especially Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry for her leadership authoring ACA-1. Today’s historic vote will help the people of California to decide when it’s time to say “YES in my backyard” to building more homes, based on the true will of the people.

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