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November 11, 2021

Bay Area Target store managers team up to speak to youth from East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation


Have you ever wondered why there are giant red balls in front of Target stores? The youth who participated in the Career Exploration with Target had the same question. Target partnered with United Way Bay Area, as part of the UWBA youth programming, to host a career panel sharing career opportunities with local youth.

There was 27 youth from the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation who attended, asking engaging questions to Bay Area Target team members who participated. Questions for the managers ranged from how to get a job at Target to what the best part of working at Target was. It was an opportunity for the managers to share their experiences and youth to learn about career paths at the company.

Events like this one, are one of the many ways Target supports local communities. Nationally, Target volunteers over 1 million hours of service each year. In addition to volunteering their time, Target supports community building and local neighborhoods through employee giving and corporate giving. Target is a national United Way partner and has been a local Bay Area partner for years engaging with UWBA’s mission and community-focused work.

And the reason why giant red balls are placed in front of Target stores? To prevent vehicles from accidentally driving through the entrance.

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