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Full Service Schools

Breaking down non-academic barriers for students and families.

Jacksonville is a diverse city with diverse needs. Full Service Schools recognizes that achievement is fostered in and out of the classroom, and the initiative brings together community resources, neighbors and schools to promote the health and well-being of students, their families, and neighborhood residents.


The Full Service Schools collaboration enables United Way and its partners to connect nearly 3,500 students and families to a critical range of therapeutic, health and social services and address non-academic barriers to success in school. Each Full Service Schools site strives to meet the specific needs of the neighborhood in which it is based by providing a number of free services including:


Mental health services are available at all Duval County Public Schools. 

  • Behavior help for children
  • Individual/family counseling
  • Mentoring *
  • Parenting help *
  • After-school tutoring *
  • Case management
  • Enrichment activities *
  • Medical/health services
  • Health care enrollment (more info)

*Services may vary at each Full Service Schools site.

To learn more, contact Keto Porter, director of Full Service Schools at [email protected] or 904-390-3247. To refer a student to Full Service Schools, please complete the referral form. Completed forms should be emailed to Lorna West at [email protected].

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