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America’s Favorite Charity

November 21, 2019

United Way Again Named America’s Favorite Charity by Chronicle of Philanthropy

This week, two of the top philanthropy trade media publications released their annual rankings of America’s charities. 

United Way was ranked #1 in the Chronicle of Philanthropy list of America’s Favorite Charities and, the NonProfit Times’ NPT 2019 Top 100 shows that we were again #1 in public support, despite a slip from #3 to #5 in total revenue. 

Both publications base their rankings on varying revenue formulas, but they share a singular focus on U.S.-based donations and other types of income in their calculations. 

By only considering revenue generated in the U.S for their respective rankings., both the Chronicle and the NonProfit Times are only telling part of United Way Worldwide’s global story of growth and impact.

While the methodology behind the two lists may differ, the undeniable takeaway from both is that United Way remains the mission of choice for everyday people—and many of America’s largest corporations—who want to support stronger communities and help those in need.

They show this support through their generous gifts of money and time. Change doesn’t happen alone, so we are grateful for this vital support that enables us to make it happen.