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Fighting Homelessness – One Person, One Cup, One Neighborhood at a Time

December 2, 2019

This holiday season, you can double your impact on the fight against homelessness! When you give to United Way between December 1-31, 2019, The Starbucks Foundation will match it, up to $200,000.

United Way is one of three nonprofits selected by The Starbucks Foundation.  

The Starbucks Foundation chose United Way because we fight for the Health, Education, and Financial Stability of every person in every community. This campaign focuses specifically on the fight against homelessness in part because of our commitment to help our unsheltered neighbors find homes – and stay there.  No two people experiencing homelessness have the same story. That’s why United Way brings people and resources together – from all walks of life and across the community – to create innovative solutions that tackle some of our nation’s toughest problems, including homelessness.  

Whether it’s help with rent or utilities, job training, access to healthy food or quality child care, or affordable health care, United Way tackles the various causes of homelessness and connects individuals to services that work for them. The three stories below show how we do it.

Jerry’s Story – Jerry is a disabled Navy veteran. After living in a shelter, Jerry was all set to move into permanent housing – an apartment he was able to afford thanks to a housing voucher. But just before he moved in, Jerry realized his voucher would only cover the deposit. He was afraid he’d lose his chance at finally having a home, so he called 211, a vital service that connects millions of people to help every year. United Way connected Jerry to resources for which he was eligible, and he put together enough money to cover his first month’s rent. Instead of losing his home, Jerry was able to move in.  

Dylan’s Story –  Dylan was five years old when his father left and his mother moved the family into a shelter. For Dylan, the stress and instability resulted in tears, tantrums, and separation anxiety. United Way of Central Florida stepped in to connect Dylan’s mother to a high-quality after-school program where Dylan could receive care and tutoring while she looked for a job. His mother is now employed and taking financial education classes. His family is working hard to become self-sufficient,  all because they were able to find support for challenges connected to a lack of housing. 

Amy’s Story – At 17 years old, Amy was 25 weeks pregnant and without a place to live. Amy called United Way’s 211, and that one phone call helped her find shelter, enroll in parenting classes, get a job and complete her GED.  

This is what the fight to end homelessness looks like. And with your help we can do more.  

Give today through December 31, 2019 on unitedway.org/starbucks, and The Starbucks Foundation will match your gift up to $200,000 to double your impact. On behalf of people like Jerry, Dylan, and Amy, we invite you to join the fight.