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January 2, 2022

Cheers for a Cause raises awareness and funds for UWBA SparkPoint centers.


Oakland’s longest-running brewery, Ale Industries, partnered with United Way Bay Area (UWBA) to create a limited-edition United Way Bay Area IPA. This partnership was formed to raise awareness and money in support of United Way Bay Area SparkPoint programs across the 8-county Bay Area region.

This fun collaboration had participants sipping on a delicious, locally-made, IPA that showcased UWBA’s iconic color scheme. “The event at Ale Industries served as the perfect opportunity for the UWBA Emerging Leaders group to come together in person after many months of only being virtual due to the pandemic. [It was] a fun evening of supporting United Way Bay Area and driving awareness around its Oakland SparkPoint centers, but also a chance for the group to continue building community with each other and prospective members.” said Kathryn Luna, Emerging Leaders Steering Committee Member.

United Way Bay Area developed SparkPoint centers across the Bay Area to work with families to meet their basic needs, increase their income, build their credit, increase their savings, and reduce their debt, with its first one starting in Oakland. Known for building community and growing the unique cultures of Oakland and the Bay Area, Ale Industries, was the perfect partner to raise money and awareness for UWBA’s SparkPoint .

“Cheers for a Cause” was proudly hosted by the local Emerging Leaders group, UWBA’s network of passionate young professionals creating lasting impact and fighting Bay Area poverty. Open to all, this event invited folks to participate in-person on November 9th or celebrate from a distance by shipping a case to their homes. Over 50 supporters came together and connected with like-minded individuals, learned about UWBA SparkPoint centers, and won prizes at a very competitive raffle. “It was one of my favorite philanthropic mixers that I have been to! Everyone seemed to love the United Way label on the beers, and it was definitely a great conversation starter!” said Emerging Leaders Steering Committee Member, Devang Dasani.

Attendees had so much fun it was hard to say goodbye. UWBA extends our gratitude to Ale Industries for hosting and helping us raise money for families who need it most.

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