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Employment and Career Opportunities

Episode 2 of the Just a Moment video series.

Just a Moment

Episode 2: Employment and Career Opportunities

In our second episode, we catch up with UWBA Vice President of Economic Success, Nicole Harden, and Vice President of Development, Carolina Martin, who is also a board member for San Rafael City Schools, for an insightful discussion on employment and career opportunities. We explore immediate employment needs vs. long-term career prospects, highlighting the challenges individuals face when poverty is a factor. Plus, we’ll show how corporate partners can make a difference by supporting youth in accessing quality jobs and internships.


For more information, visit www.wba.org and follow us on social media at @uwba. Don’t miss this episode – together, we can make a change! #TheWorkUWBA


Nicole Harden, VP of Economic Success at UWBA; Carolina Martin, VP of Development at UWBA

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For more information on how UWBA is helping to build brighter futures through career readiness, visit Employment & Career Opportunities homepage.