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Mobilizing Our Network

Episode 5 of the Just a Moment video series.

Just a Moment

Episode 5: Mobilizing Our Network

Christopher Berini, UWBA’s Chief Advancement Officer, and Michelle Branch, UWBA Board Member and founding attorney at Branch Law Group, help us understand our network’s history, emphasizing the power of collaboration in combating social issues. We’ll discuss our diverse engagement strategies, including volunteering, advocacy, and financial contributions, underlining the uniqueness of our network approach – where everyone has a seat at the table. Learn how we work with elected officials, utilize data from our 211 helpline, and focus on housing justice to dismantle systemic barriers and create inclusive communities. Stay engaged with #TheWorkUWBA at uwba.org and on social media.


Christopher Berini, Chief Advancement Officer at UWBA; Michelle Branch, UWBA Board Member and Founding Attorney at Branch Law Group

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For more information about our network of community partners and how you can be a part, visit our Community Partner page on our website uwba.org