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Author: Robert Cruz

In the news: September 19, 2023

Kevin Zwick (CEO – United Way Bay Area) – Speaks on KCBS Radio regarding Child Poverty Doubling Across the Nation Interview Courtesy of KCBS Radio…

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Our New CFO!

Brian Kataoka – CFO, United Way Bay Area “I’m thrilled to be joining UWBA and excited for the opportunity to bring my skills and passion…

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United Way Bay Area Press Release – January 31, 2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Blake Case blake@emccommunications.com (601) 832-6079 STATEMENT: United Way Bay Area eager to see innovative solutions in housing elements from cities…

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Your Tax Questions Answered

A Guide to Free Tax Help and Tax Credit 3 Minute Read Are you feeling overwhelmed or confused about the tax filing process? You’re not…

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Surviving Invisible Chains

How Economic Abuse Contributes to the Cycle of Poverty     “I wanted to leave for years, but I wasn’t allowed to work or have…

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A House for Me

The Road to UWBA’s Housing Justice Initiative By Ena Li, Senior Vice President, United Way Bay Area Image by Charlotte Li In the popular children’s…

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In Case of an Emergency

How UWBA Partners Help the Bay Area Stay Ready     Living in the Bay Area comes with its perks: plenty of access to nature…

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How Workforce Equity and Development Can Combat Poverty

By Kevin Zwick CEO, United Way Bay Area 3 minute read It’s nearly impossible for the 1 in 4 Bay Area residents living in poverty…

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Room at the Table

UWBA Announces New Board of Directors and Advisory Council Dismantling poverty in the Bay Area is a big goal – and we believe it’s possible….

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UWBA Back-to-School Drive 2022

How School Supplies Helps Families in Need Stay Afloat 4 minute read School is back in session! This means excitement runs high, as does the…

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