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Category: Housing

Read archived blogs related to Housing. Learn about the needs in the Bay Area, our work, impact and how you can get involved.

Perspective: Rose

Affordable Rent is Also Affordable Housing By Rose Kilgore, UWBA Ambassador “I found myself having to use financial aid money solely for rent, cutting back…

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Perspective: Sharryl

Navigating the Bay Area Housing Labyrinth By Sharryl Carter, UWBA Ambassador “Sometimes I feel I’m navigating a labyrinth, where every time I think I’m getting…

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Perspective: Russell

What We Talk About When We Talk About Housing By Russell Brautigam, UWBA Ambassador “Despite my progress, finding affordable housing in the Bay Area was…

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A House for Me

The Road to UWBA’s Housing Justice Initiative By Ena Li, Senior Vice President, United Way Bay Area Image by Charlotte Li In the popular children’s…

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So… What is Rental Relief Anyway?

3 minute read What It Means in The Current Bay Area Housing Market The housing market is changing. If you reside in the Bay Area…

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IN THE NEWS: New York Times August 26, 2022

Our CEO Kevin Zwick was featured in The New York Times recent article,” Lords of Silicon Valley, Say No to NIMBY.”   “Open your hearts…

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EAN: Access to Basic Needs Support

Why It Remains Crucial in a Post Pandemic World By Laura Escobar An unexpected medical crisis, reduced hours or a lay-off at work, an unusually…

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3 Important Policy Paths to Household Stability

UWBA’s Push for Economic Success, Housing, and 2-1-1 Infrastructure United Ways of California (UWCA) hosted its second Advocacy Summit on April 26, 2022. The two-day…

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UWBAs Housing Policy Watch

Breaking Down Critical Policies that Advocate for Affordable Housing in the Bay Area. The month of May is dedicated to affordable housing, a time to…

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United Way Bay Area to award $1M in housing justice grants to more than 20 local nonprofits

Media Contact: Blake Case blake@emccommunications.com (601) 832-6079   United Way Bay Area to award $1M in housing justice grants to more than 20 local nonprofits…

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