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Category: SparkPoint

A family of three within a picture frame with the word "SparkPoint" and the UWBA logo on the border.
3 Key Reasons SparkPoint™ Works

In a recent convening with key SparkPoint™ stakeholders, United Way Bay Area (UWBA) debuted key findings from a comprehensive study on the program./ The studyshed…

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A female presenting individual in natural earth tones sitting upon a gray couch smiling towards the camera.
The Need for Voices Like Mine

Rachel Reese on Being a UWBA Ambassador     Originally from Harlem, New York, I come from humble beginnings. My parents had a 3rd-grade education…

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A small wooden vibrant pink model of a home with a tag attached to it reading 'For Rent' against a warm orange and green blurred background.
Perspective: Rose

Affordable Rent is Also Affordable Housing By Rose Kilgore, UWBA Ambassador “I found myself having to use financial aid money solely for rent, cutting back…

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The outline of a home made with red yard in the middle of a maze with white walls and a gray floor.
Perspective: Sharryl

Navigating the Bay Area Housing Labyrinth By Sharryl Carter, UWBA Ambassador “Sometimes I feel I’m navigating a labyrinth, where every time I think I’m getting…

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Home with Keys
Perspective: Russell

What We Talk About When We Talk About Housing By Russell Brautigam, UWBA Ambassador “Despite my progress, finding affordable housing in the Bay Area was…

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Sparkpoint Grid
A Light in One of Our Darkest Times

How SparkPoint’s Bundled Service Model Changed How We View Support & Success By Nicole Harden, UWBA Vice President of Economic Success It was 2009. We…

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